Sprung ins Leben e.V. Presse www.schroff.de, 30. August 2011

www.schroff.de, 30. August 2011

Straubenhardt Trainees support children in Ecuador

Pentair Technical Products’ trainees at the Schroff brand facility in Straubenhardt, Germany, organized a raffle benefiting a charitable organization that assists Ecuadoran children.

Schroffazubis klThe organization, called Sprung ins Leben e.V. or “Leap into Life,” helps children in Ecuador afford medical care such as rehabilitative measures, prostheses and operations.

Schroff apprentices in their second year of training – the “Schroff-Shop Team” – planned the raffle, offering Straubenhardt employees and their family members raffle tickets for 1 euro each. Ticket holders then had the chance to win prizes from the Schroff Shop, which is run as a project by all apprentices during their second year.

The trainees succeeded in selling all of their raffle tickets and were able to present Sprung ins Leben e.V. with 600 euros, or more than $850 USD.